Winter Party Diamond 2008.11.02 - FUKUI 12:00's Birthday MC - part 2 of 2

Translated by jinpi_moe, edited by watchful21.
Thanks, inala, for the audio ^^

■ K Koyama

■ M Massu

■ P Yamapi

■ R Ryo

■ S Shige

■ T Tegoshi

[Ryo-chan’s first impression]

P_ Going a little back on the talk... The first time I met Ryo-chan I was 12.

R_ Ahh~ I was 13!

P_ Right. When Ryo-chan was 12, 13, he was small, wasn't he? Since I was taller than him, I talked to him casually, so he told me "I'm older than you, you know??" (speaking in Kansai-ben and in a high-pitched voice)

R_ My voice wasn't that high-pitched!!

K_ The first time I met Ryo-chan was during SHOCK. Ryo-chan had a soft mohican...

P_ Yes, he had a soft mohican at one time, didn't he?

K_ That impression is so strong... I thought I shouldn't make that person angry. (lol)

R_ Really?

K_ You had sort of a scary image...

M_ My image of him is the one of a red sweatshirt...

R_ Red?

M_ Didn't you have a red sweatshirt that you liked and used to wear a lot?

R_ Red? I didn't wear one.

M_ Ehh? Red...

K_ Wasn't it Akanishi?

R_ Ahhh~ Akanishi used to wear one a lot!

P_ I wonder if it's because he is Akanishi that he used to wear red... (Akanishi's AKA means red)

K_ I don't think that's the reason! (lol)

K_ Tegoshi, when was the first time you met Ryo-chan?

T_ It was at the time of the jacket picture, the jacket picture for NEWS Nippon.

R_ I was like this, right? (Ryo-chan puts his hands on his pockets and sort of imitates a delinquent.)

T_ Yes, you were like that. (lol) You wore swept-back blonde hair, so it was reeeally scary.

K_ Was it during that time you used to wear a light blue jersey? Yamapi also asked, "Who's that in light blue?"

P_ That's because it was practically the first time I met him (Tegoshi)...

T_ (lol)

K_ During that time, Tegoshi used to wear light blue and orange clothes together, didn't he? It was the sort of color combination that made one think, "What are you aiming at??" Those clothes were bought by your mother, right?

T_ Yes, I used to wear the clothes my mother would buy me...

K_ Where did she buy it?

T_ Where? I don't know.

S_  Department store?

T_ Department store? Maybe...

K_ Was it at Jusco?

T_ Hmmm... I think it was at a department store. That kind where you buy 3 pieces for XXX yen.

S_ Even though you used to wear light blue and orange clothes together, only the bag was a brand-name one.

T_ It was my mother's hand-me-downs.

K_ Light blue and orange clothes together... brand... You were cheeky with a feeling of "What does he want to do?"

T_ Why was I cheeky? I was wearing my mother's hand-me-downs!

S_ Light blue and orange, and only the bag is brand-name... It's madame-ish, isn't it?



K_ It's been 5 years since we debuted... It was fast, wasn't it?

P_ The other groups, after they are formed, they spend some years before debuting, right? We didn't have it; it was like we only knew of the debut together at the time the group was formed. Only a few people came to see our first concert...

K_ Johnny-san even told us "YOU guys are in a dangerous situation". (YOU was spoken in English.) And now we're even going to spend the passage of the New Year’s at Dome (Tokyo Dome)!

S_ Since we didn't have enough of a budget, our first costumes were very thin.

K_ This time Shige was in charge of the costumes, right?

S_ Right. And things I wasn't able to say in the beginning, this time I made an effort to say them. "I want to make it glitter a little more...", I tried to say this opinion... and they approved it!

K_ Will Tegoshi also turn self-important?

S_ "Bring some costumes with skulls", "The bags should be brand-name!!" (imitating Tegoshi)

T_ Kyahaha!! Why is it that voice??

K_ Tegoshi's beautiful voice will also disappear some day, you know...

[Ginza Rhapsody standby]

Narrative that accompanied Japanese text:
When Koyamapi decided to make a song together, they consulted Johnny-san and he said "YOU, make a song about the story of a love in Ginza!", and that's how Ginza Rhapsody was created. They said "Johnny-san is a genius". They thought about how would they do it, since they were both guys, so it was decided that Koyama would be the man and Yamapi the woman. The colors of their clothes are also opposites, Yamapi's being black, and Koyama's, silver.

K_ We're going to the standby of the next song. We are Koyamapi, created after 5 years of the formation of the group!

P_ Please welcome us. Koyama-san too...please, take care of me. (speaking in a very polite way)

K_ What are you saying, Yamashita-san? It's my pleasure. Please, come this way... (also speaking in a very polite way)

P_ No, no, please, Koyama-san! You go first!  (continues to speak in a very polite way)

K_ No, Yamashita-san... You're my senpai, so, please, come this way. I'll guide you. (continues to speak in a very polite way)

They continue like this for some time more.
When they were finally leaving... 

P_ Koyama, promote it! Won't you talk about your stage?

K_ Yamashita-san, thank you for always caring about me... ehh... Shige, say it!

R_ He asked you to say it!

S_ Ehh...Koyama will be doing a stage!! Is it ok like that??

K_ (already from inside) It's ok!


R_ Every Friday at 10 PM I'm on Ryuusei no Kizuna, so please watch it!

S_ How about you also say it?

T_ Ahh~! I'm going to be in Shabake!

S_ Until now, how many episodes have you filmed? (asking Ryo)

R_ How many? Aa~~five episodes. It's progressing well. Soon it will be the final stage...

M_ Hmm... Fridays, you know, is a day when we usually have rehearsals, right? So even if I want to watch it, I can't. I'm recording it, but...

R_ What?? You're recording it, but watching it...

M_  ...I'm not.

R_ Until now...

M_  ...I haven't watched it.

S_ I'm also recording it, but I'm watching it.


[Hat pin]

S_ This pin to wear on the head; it was Tegoshi's idea, wasn't it?

T_ The hat pin? If you use it, you'll look cute. I recommend it.

R_ Don't say they will LOOK cute. It seems like they usually aren't cute!

T_ That's not what I meant!!
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NEWS New Year's Eve Tokyo Dome concert & Winter Concert Tour

The day started with great news today! ^^

Collapse )


 10月からスタートするウインターコンサートツアーの一環として開催。例年は、先輩の人気デュオ、KinKi Kidsが同所で年末年始の年またぎ公演を開催してきたが、今年は地元関西の京セラドーム大阪で公演を行うことから、NEWSが先輩の“留守”を預かる形に。関係者は「ツアーの一環としての東京ドーム公演。(NEWSの年末年始公演は)スケジュールの都合」と説明。同所での年末年始公演は現時点で今回のみの登板を強調した。

 昨年10月に台湾で開催した初の海外公演や、今年1月の単独初の東京ドーム公演など次々に大事業を成功させ波にのるNEWS。今回は新曲「Happy Birthday」(10月1日発売)を引っさげたツアーで、10会場33公演で47万3000人を動員予定。




The important parts are...

■ NEWS will be holding New Year's concerts at Tokyo Dome from December 30th to January 1st (instead of Kinki Kids), including a New Year's Eve concert

■ It will be part of the NEWS Winter Concert Tour that will start in October.

セレブログ~Shirota's blog & Yamapi's nikki entry

Shirota Yuu (Yamapi's and Jin's friend) wrote the exact same entry as Yamapi's Jweb in his blog yesterday.

The title of both Yamapi's and Yuu's entry is セレブログ ("Celebrity Blog"). 

I finished work some time ago and now I'm having black tea with a very good friend at a stylish cafe. 
Rassurre has a lovely mint fragance. It's the first time I've drink it, but I feel like I'll get addicted to its taste.
Well then, all the best to everyone.

For those who can read Japanese, here's the original text:



Needless to say, they wrote it together while drinking tea and when they wrote "very good friend", they were talking about each other. It's really a shame they can't openly say that they're such good friends and have to use "unconventional methods" such as this one. ^^;

Their entry was written in a very polite manner in Japanese (keigo). I think they got inspired by the stylish black tea and decided to pretend they were rich socialites or something... So cute!! 

By the way, Shirota wrote in his blog (2008.08.22) that he will be in "Waratte Ii Tomo!" Telephone Shocking corner next Monday. I wonder who will he call... Maybe Yamapi or Jin? Well, probably not, since they 're from different jimushos...